Huddersfield Examiner Business Awards

21st January 2018

In November 2017 we were delighted to attend the Examiner Business Awards.

It was so lovely to be there to celebrate and congratulate all the worthy nominees and winners, although we were not nominated for anything boy were we in for a surprise!

As we sat down to enjoy the second part of the awards given out that evening there was an award offered out that wasn’t on the programme, and that was The Examiner Judges Choice Award. We sat there eagerly to hear who had won this special award, lets just say we were absolutely shocked to hear our name being read out and displayed on the screen!

It is such an honour to receive this award and it now sits proudly in our office so we can see everyday that hard work really does pay off. Eighteen months ago we had no idea that this is what would be in store for us- and we are so grateful.

Thank you judges and thank you Huddersfield!

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