We’re here,
to make
better events

Here at Huddersfield Live we have a vision.

Huddersfield Live organise, develop and support public events in Huddersfield and surrounding areas. Our aim is to ensure that traditional community festivals are sustained and new events are developed at a time when the financial climate is resulting in fewer and smaller events.

It’s a huge challenge… together we can do it!


The town has a fantastic tradition of high-quality, community-focused sporting, cultural and festival events. We are going to be flexible and open to suggestions and opportunities for partnership working and we are definitely ready for the challenge ahead.

Huddersfield Live is a not for profit events company founded by Stafflex Ltd & The Star Inn. The two companies worked together in 2015 on a big film event, it was very successful and brought to light the need for more community-focused events in Huddersfield, and Huddersfield Live was born!

Initially, the company is being funded by our fantastic partners and the proposition is based upon using profits from events to fund future events and, ultimately, to provide returns for shareholders.

Above all, we are determined to drive through the vision to create a sustainable, innovative company that will make a real difference to people and businesses in Huddersfield.